Requirements Modeling

by Suzanne Robertson


All engineering disciplines use models to develop the products they intend to build. Requirements models play an integral part in the discovery of requirements. Once discovered, the requirements are clarified and proven by applying the modelling rules. Once verified, the requirements models are used as specifications for the designers and builders of the system.
You can describe a system by what it is, and by what it does. For an example of what it does, consider this typical statement from a requirements specification: "The product must calculate the cheapest fare". Beyond this innocent description of what the system must do, lies a complex set of rules, procedures, data and functions.
Requirements modelling discovers the rules for calculating the cheapest fare, the algorithms needed, and the data necessary to complete and support those calculations. In other words, you build a complete model of what the system is.
The seminar includes frequent workshops and opportunities to apply the illustrated techniques. Work with the instructor to build models and prove or disprove example requirements.

Main Topics

  • Modelling
  • The Context Model
  • Event Partitioning
  • Process Modelling
  • Data Modelling
  • State Modelling
  • Modelling the product
  • UML models