Finance for IT Decision Makers

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Non-financial people often have to make or influence decisions about investing in IT. Embarking on an IT investment without being sure whether it has a sound financial basis, especially in turbulent times, is a bit like embarking on a voyage without a compass. The purpose of this practical seminar is to facilitate the making of financially sound decisions about IT.

Special features

  • This seminar is probably unique in bringing together in one place the various aspects of finance relevant to IT
  • The instructor is a qualified accountant who has worked in the IT world for over thirty years
  • The seminar encapsulates his practical experience gained during those years
  • The teaching method is “learning by doing”; the course includes many practical exercises
  • Participants receive a copy of Michael Blackstaff’s latest book ‘Finance for IT Decision Makers, 2nd Edition’.

What you will learn

  • Construct an IT cost/benefit financial case from given data
  • Evaluate an IT cost/benefit case financially
  • Use various methods for financing IT
  • Explain various other IT-relevant aspects of finance
  • Interpret the Accounts of an organisation and explain how IT services, software and hardware are dealt with there in
  • Explain some key financial ratios and their relevance in an IT context
  • Understand those elements of financial jargon that are inescapable

Main Topics

  • Finance fundamentals in a Nutshell
  • How to build an IT financial case
  • How to evaluate an IT financial case
  • Other IT-relevant aspects of finance