Effectively Migrating Applications to the Web

by James Hobart


Web Technology has given us an opportunity to transform our organizations by providing a cost-effective method to improve corporate communications and distribute and share vital information.
Today's customers are more demanding and have high expectations from your web-enabled applications. Implementing a successful strategy can mean the difference between success and failure in the coming years.
This seminar covers the fundamental and key principles of successful Web Technology. Attendees will adopt the new net-centric perspective and learn how customer centered design will transform you organization.

What you will learn

  • to develop a migration strategy that will enhance your Enterprise
  • to retain customer loyalty by developing strong community Web sites
  • to create a scalable and reliable Web site by choosing the best architecture for your needs
  • to avoid costly security and legal mistakes by discussing legal and regulatory issues
  • to reduce deployment costs by implementing Web design guidelines

Main Topics

  • Web Introduction
  • Improving Service with your Intranet
  • Case Study: The value of interlinking - a success story.
  • Creating a successful Internet strategy
  • Case Study: Creating a customer-centric solution--a success story
  • Thin - Client Strategies
  • Web-Site Architecture
  • Case Study: Review different web-enabled applications
  • Migrating Client/Server Systems to the Web
  • Case Study: A Web-enabled data warehouse reporting systems
  • Managing Web Development