GUI Design for Web Applications

by James Hobart


This seminar covers the fundamental and key principles of successful design using Web Technology.
Through this seminar, you will adopt the new GUI paradigm which includes: the event-driven mindset, user centric design, proper use and placement of GUI Web-based controls, and Web site architectural modeling.

What you will learn

Attendees will learn how to determine the best navigation for a Web site proper use of Web-based GUI controls, and how to convert existing client/server systems to the Web, many times using their existing development toolset.

  • Create successful Web sites from existing applications
  • New modeling techniques for designing complex Web sites
  • Create and implement in-house Web standards
  • When to use each of the Web form controls&and when not to
  • Effective page layout techniques
  • Develop complex Web sites for mixed user profiles
  • When and how to effectively use
  • Multimedia, Java and ActiveX controls

Main Topics

  • Web Primer
    • Lab: Let's fix some 'challenged' Web sites
    • Lab: Let's review some 'successful' Web sites
  • Page Layout and Design
    • Lab: Design a Web page for complex search and retrieval application
  • Using Advanced Technologies
    • Lab: Apply new technologies to create a Web interface for a distributed workforce
  • Web Navigation Modeling
    • Case Study: Review different navigation models
  • Designing Net-Database Applications
    • Lab: Create Web pages for a complex database-driven application
  • Intranet Architecture
    • Lab: Create a Navigational Model for a sample Web site
  • Usability Testing
    • Lab: Conduct a Web site usability test
  • Creating Effective Web Design Standards